All You Need To Know About Online WHMIS


Not all working conditions are that safe. You may realize that the workplace has materials that may have a lot of health implications or even end up leading to fire outbreaks or explosions if triggered. As a result, you will need to know of any hazardous materials and how to deal with them. Here is all you need to know about WHMIS.

Course Overview
The main aim of taking this course is actually to prevent diseases, injuries and deaths which may be caused by dealing and storage of hazardous materials. The course implements the worldwide need to classify and label chemicals for hazard communication and classification. When you undertake this course, you will get to seek answers to these questions. Click to learn more.

First, you will get to know the hazardous products that you can be easily exposed to. Also, you will get to figure out where you can get information in regard to the hazardous products. Furthermore, you will know how you will get to protect yourself from contamination and the immediate action to take in case an accident occurs.

In order to get a certificate, you will need to take an online course and test. The main aim of the course of the test is to equip you with the necessary knowledge. You will need to get more than 70% in order to get the certificate. Any mark below this will mean that you have failed. However, you are in a position to redo the test for a maximum of two times. After that, there is no way you can be in a position to get the certificate. The certificate printout will also be available in the portal. Get more info here.

WHMIS Responsibilities
There have been several updates in WHMIS. However, the roles played by employees, employers and suppliers have not changed even a bit.

Even before and after the updates of WHMIS, the supplier will be in a position to group hazardous products. Also, they will get to prepare and issue the labels to their customers.

The role of employers was and is mainly to confirm the labels put on all hazardous products. They will also be tasked with making SDSs available to every employee. Lastly, they will have to provide the needed worker training and education.

Employees will need to engage in WHMIS training programs. Also, the will need to adopt steps that will ensure that they are protected from these products. They should also assist in the identification of the hazards. Lastly, they should be in a position to notify the employer in case some labels are missing.

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